Following the tremendous success of previous UK FIB & EM Preparation User Group Meetings since 2013, we invite you to attend the UK FIB & EM Prep 2022 User Group Meeting on 27th Oct 2021.  This meeting was usually held in Manchester, but we will have it on-line this year due to COVID 19. Registration can be found here.

The UK FIB & EM Prep User Group has been organized to provide an open forum for FIB users and all users of EM specimen preparation equipment to share technique advances, discuss best practices, present experimental and theoretical findings/discoveries, exchange tips for preparation of difficult materials, 2D and 3D analysis of challenging data sets and learn about new developments in both instrumentation and techniques, as well meet new colleagues and old friends. 

This meeting is aimed at researchers, failure analysis engineers, PhD students, and anyone having a need to understand today’s FIB 2D & 3D analysis and EM sample preparation technologies. If you are interested in FIB or EM sample preparation techniques, please join us.

This meeting is organised and supported by the University of Manchester, Royal Microscopical Society, Henry Royce Institute, Carl Zeiss, EXpressLO, Hitachi High-Tech and ThermoFisher Scientific

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Henry Royce Insitute for Advanced Materials, University of Manchester, Oxford Road, M13  9PL, Manchester, UK

EM Center, Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Manchester, Oxford Road, M13  9PL, Manchester, UK


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