The FIB, as a micro-laboratory on its own, applications such as specimen preparation, 2D and 3D characterization, nano-fabrication and rapid prototyping now span from physical to biological sciences.


On the other hand, we wish to highlight that the EM sample preparation techniques is not limited to FIB but a wide range of techniques. The sample preparation is often the base and key factor of getting a good micrograph and analysis.

Therefore, this group of users are interested at two important areas in microscopy, namely FIB systems/applications and EM sample preparation systems/applications.

We welcome all researchers, students, FIB or sample prep lab managers, failure analysis engineers, and anyone having a need to understand or to exchange today’s FIB and EM sample preparation technologies.

The annual user group meeting is to provide an open forum to share current experimental and theoretical findings/advances, exchange tips for preparation of difficult specimens, hear and learn about new developments from academics and manufactures.

UK FIB & Prep User Group